Virtual Hospitality Group specializes in the operation of complex hospitality environments.  We excel at creating unique brand experiences, cultivating and training exceptional team members, building successful operations, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences.  No two food & beverage operations at the same, therefore we work closely with each client to determine the type and level of support needed for their operation.  We can provide full food & beverage program management; we can work on a consulting basis or we can embed VHG executives into your food & beverage team.

Scope of Services

Full Food & Beverage Onsite Operations


VHG is a full-service hospitality provider, and can manage the day to day operations for restaurants, bar and lounges, buffets, food courts, caterer andentertainment concessions located in recreation and leisure time venues.




Pre-Opening Food & Beverage Design & Development

VHG’s senior team are owner operators of restaurants utilizing their hundreds of years of combined service and business management expertise.  We offer comprehensive analysis and recommendations to maximize every food and beverage venues at our clients’ properties.  This analysis includes design, branding (when appropriate), and the ability to guide your team through the project’s planning and pre-opening phase of operations development and training. Since pandemic disruption, every casino has been forced to recontemplate their F&B services.  We can help navigate the post pandemic world including embracing technology, revamping menus and service expectations. 



Operating Plan Development


By understanding your guests and their needs, VHG crafts one of a kind operating plans which are supported by our analysis of your past operating history.  The goal is to optimize your new hospitality and food and beverage amenities.




POS Setup/Analytics Models


VHG has experience and business channel partners able to design and develop a complete POS program.  Our experience is in the highly regulated casino environment as well as  high-volume special events.  We put the controls in place to maximize revenue and gather data.



P&L Proforma Development


We know the value of looking at each outlet individually in order to develop a truly efficient and successful food and beverage operation.  VHG is able to drill down into each concept or outlet in your facility, and develop profit and loss proformas to match the new operating plans and performance goals.



Employee Recruitment, Training and Support


As an operator, VHG would provide 100% of the HR services need to staff, open and operate your venue.  As consultants, we are also able to guide your team through this critical aspect of preparing for the new operation. The largest single challenge facing the hospitality industry is attracting and retaining quality team members.  We are well-versed in recruitment as well as retention and training in complex hospitality environments.


Food & Beverage Operational “Health Check” Assessments


VHG can perform an operational assessment to coincide with a financial review or your current operation.  Key areas include guest experiences, sales building, and cost containment.  Once the analysis is complete, we can provide a “current status” and a list of operational opportunities for improvement.



Brand Awareness & Development

Consumers are wired to recognize and apply perceived value to branded products and services. In their highest form of awareness, brand names have become synonymous with the product itself. Today every gathering place and public venue is in some fashion branded by its guests, clients and the press.  At VHG, we strategically recommend the use of national and regional F&B restaurants and concepts to extend the depth and reach of your venue’s capabilities.  Brand association evolves and changes over time so your F&B programming needs to have the flexibility and room to grow and flourish. We have a deep pool of relationships with branded concepts, and can help recommend brands to compliment a specific venue and their target audience.